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Membership benefits

An Antwerp Diamond Bourse membership is a coveted privilege that grants its bearer standing in the world diamond community.



  • Be of adult age,
  • be in full possession of his or her civil rights and submit a recent certificate of good conduct, issued by the police authorities of his or her place of residence and, if necessary, of his or her country of origin,
  • have been active in the diamond trade for at least two years, 
  • be in order with the commercial legislation,
  • have complied with all obligations concerning income taxes.


Member rights and Benefits

  • The right to buy and sell diamonds and jewelry on the trading floor of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, located in the prestigious and classified building in Antwerp, Pelikaanstraat 78. 
  • Access with private login to the Antwerp Diamond Bourse online buyers list.
  • Access with private login to the Antwerp Diamond Bourse online members list.
  • Receive the Bourse’s digital newsletter
  • Easily buy and sell diamonds to Antwerp Diamond Bourse members who are known and respected in the diamond industry.
  • Network with leading diamond dealers, brokers and jewelry manufacturers. 
  • In the event of a business dispute, the right and obligation to have the matter resolved quickly through the Antwerp Diamond Bourse mediation and arbitration system.
  • Access to information about suspension, expulsion and other disciplinary sanctions, and warnings about activities of diamond traders or others who may represent a threat. 
  • The possibility of buying shares of “Beurs voor Diamanthandel” c.v.b.a.
  • Automatic affiliation to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, with rights to enter any of the 28 bourses worldwide, with respect for the proper local procedures.


Bourse facilities

  • Use of the trading floor scanner, print and copy facilities with help of qualified staff.
  • Use of trading floor computers for the member’s own private use.
  • Free Wifi.
  • Use of post service.
  • Opportunity to collect mail at desk Pelikaanstraat.
  • Access to Bourse’s Idex account.
  • Scales and weighing services.
  • Use of a Sarin diamond identifying machine with help of qualified staff.
  • Use of the GIA DiamondCheck machine with help of qualified staff.
  • Option to rent a locker.
  • Option to rent a safe.
  • Option to rent an office.
  • Access to the Antwerp Diamond Bourse restaurant.
  • Access to the prayer room.
  • Access to the reading room where you can find a large selection of national and international newspapers.


Business development, educational and professional enrichment programs

  • Complimentary seminars and trade educational classes.
  • Opportunity to join in the Bourse in Antwerp-based trade fairs.
  • Opportunity to join in Bourse international trade fairs.
  • Diamond bankers prefer their account holders to be a member of one of the Bourses and at least one bank makes it a condition. 


Voting rights for share holders

  • The right to attend general meetings of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse.
  • The right to vote at Antwerp Diamond Bourse general meetings and elections.
  • The right to run for office at the Antwerp Diamond Bourse.
  • The right to serve on an Antwerp Diamond Bourse committee. 



To be considered for membership candidates must file an application by completing the appropriate forms.

The application must be countersigned by two full members, residing in Belgium, who are deemed to be well informed of the good moral and financial reputation of the proposed candidate and will supply, upon request, all necessary information to the Board of Directors. 

Membership of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse is contingent upon approval of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse Board of Directors.

For more information contact the Bourse secretariat